Some of Sandy's Art

These are some Bottle Brush type things which Sandy made for Penny for Christmas several years ago (and all because Penny made some comment about liking them when she saw them at the Lake).

As you can deduce, Sandy's terms are very reasonable - all you need to do is say you like something and he will make it and give it to you. Twice the bargain at half the price!

This rose came courtesy of Sallie. Is there no end to Sandy's talents?

You will find some more examples of Sandy's Art about to board the Lake George Ark by clicking here!

You name it, Sandy will make it for you out of any old junk you happen to have hanging around. Large outdoor garden sculptures or smaller pieces designed to grace the interior of any fine home.

So why not pick up the phone and call him today on 518-499-0778 or e-mail and ask for Sandy's full colour brochure and catalogue! You know you'll be glad you did!

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