Penny and Greg's Balloon Flight
For Christmas 2000 Ben and Donna very kindly provided us with a Hot Air Balloon flight. We decided to go to Devon so that Penny's nephews could drag their parents out of bed at the crack of dawn and have them bring them along to the launch. Originally we booked to go on Penny's birthday in 2001 but the outbreak of the foot and mouth disease meant the balloon company couldn't take us. Then, we booked again to go at the end of October but bad weather stopped us this time. So, on the morning of Wednesday 5 June, Penny and Greg dragged their tired backsides out of bed and made their way to Ground Control.

Mark and Derek begin to prepare the balloon and basket for lift off.
Are we really going up in that thing?
The cattle took a keen interest in the proceedings, waiting patiently for their turn.

Up, up and away! Let's see some more photos!

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