Greg's 50th Birthday Bash
While the guest list was kept relatively discreet for obvious reasons, feel free to join the festivities by (a) browsing the selection of photographs which are here and (b) sending Greg a very large and expensive birthday gift. No need to worry about the fact that it's late just send it as soon as possible.
Ms Playchute carefully and diligently decorated the entrance hall with the world's supply of balloons and a SeamStress made banner in which, for some reason, the number 50 appeared in an alarmingly large size.
As a celebration, Ms Playchute had booked a table at The Crabmill, a restaurant highly recommended by Nick. The guest list included all those who couldn't think of a suitable excuse. As you can see, Sally was delighted to be able to spend some time with Dave although, as usual, he proved to be a bit standoffish.
Sue and Stuart similarly couldn't think of any good reason why they couldn't attend although when Sue found out there was veal on the menu there was almost trouble.

Some more birthday photos? Oh, yes please!

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