Ossory Butler's Magical Mystery Tour

Once upon a time, Ossory Butler received an unsolicited flyer through his letter box....

Everybody's Talking About it!

Mr O.M.A. Butler
2 Boddington Road
Byfield, Northants
NN11 6UP

Dear Mr O.M.A. Butler,

Everyone is talking about the FREE Magical Mystery Tours being launched in Northamptonshire. Only those who have responded positively in the past to Mail Order solicitations are entered, automatically, into each month's prize draw.
Contact Us Today on
013 27 26 37 43
for further details concerning your FREE Magical Mystery Tour!

And you, Mr. O.M.A. Butler, have been drawn as this month's winning participant.

Sponsored by a leading Mail Order company with many years successful trading, this FREE Magical Mystery Tour is yours today. This guaranteed prize is waiting - our operators are standing by to take your call Mr O.M.A. Butler.

No purchase necessary - All prizes fully guaranteed - Only genuine prize winners have been notified!

Pick up the telephone and ring our Claims Hot Line on the number above. Be prepared to quote your Individual Winning Claim Number below and enter the dates

Saturday 25 October 2004 to Tuesday 28 October

into your diary. A limousine will collect you and your wife/partner/friend on the afternoon of

Saturday 25 October 2004

For embarkation on your FREE Magical Mystery Tour!

Your Individual Winning Claim Number


The Tour Starts Here!

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