Yet Another Invasion
Sometime in the preceding weeks, Greg received a number of suspicious e-mail messages from a couple of gentlemen who claimed to be friends of his and Penny's from the Webb School of California. Naturally, Greg has no recollection of anyone by the name(s) of Mickey Novak or Larry Ashton, allegedly from the Class of 1970. Nevertheless, Penny claimed to know them and having secured her assurance of their character and good behaviour, Greg agreed to allow them and their wives to visit.
During the compulsory whistle-stop tour of beautiful downtown Byfield-on-Sea, the tour party agreed to allow the pursuing paparazzi a photo opportunity in front of Byfield church.
Strangely enough, virtually everyone apart from Greg claims to remember Mickey and Larry including Ben who had never met them before. Jeremy showed up with a copy of the Beatles White Album bearing the stamp "Stolen from KWEB" whereupon he was promptly arrested and reported to the authorities.
And finally, those who had the benefit of a Webb School experience and who somehow managed to survive to tell the tale.

It was a grand day and we are truly appreciative that Mickey and Larry dragged their poor, bewildered wives along for the day. Next time, stay longer!

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