Ms Playchute's Playchute

Some of you will know that Ms Playchute recently had the somewhat dubious pleasure of producing a playchute for the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Scout movement. The pleasure was dubious only in the sense that her business partner, Sally, was off in the US assisting her husband Pete while he was recovering from a detached retina. Thus Penny had to design and and produce the ten metre playchute essentially on her own. Pen's mother and sister Judi were enlisted to assist in the operation and spent the better part of two days ironing interfacing so that the gigantic Scout logo could be cut out and then appliquéd to the playchute. The operation also required the hiring of the village hall so that the logo could be pinned to the 'chute. The result was clearly a success as the photo appeared on the BBC web site as well as within a clip of news reporting on the celebrations.

As long as the link remains live, you can see the news clip in which the playchute appears by clicking here; the playchute appears after about thirty seconds. The photograph is the second one in the sequence here.

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