Penny and Greg's Spanish Siesta

Penny and Greg recently enjoyed a wonderful week in Andalusía in southern Spain. They spent two nights in Seville, a night in Ronda, two nights in Cordoba and two nights in Granada enjoying the sites, the tapas and the Rioja.

Enjoy the sites here in one of two handy formats: the Befouled Weakly News contains some descriptions of their various activities along with some of the less disappointing photographs while the photographs page contains some additional pictures of their outings. Want our advice? Close the browser down and move on!

Befouled Weakly News - 19 November 2006 - Seville

Photographs of Seville

Befouled Weakly News - 26 November - Ronda

Photographs of Ronda

Beouled Weakly News - 3 December - Cordoba

Photographs of Cordoba

Befouled Weakly News - 10 December - Granda

Photographs of Granda


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