40 Years of Misery!
The Life and Times of Stephen Toll Stragnell

The signs of neglect were obvious for all to see and it was clear to me that I had to make a move if I was to reach adolescence.

My early efforts at escape were frustrated, however, by my inability to drive and my failure to spot the difference between the transcontinental services provided by the Greyhound Bus Company and my wagon of the same name.

I soon realised that I would have greater success if I actually put my possessions in my wagon. So, I gathered up all my most prized belongings and set off on the road to freedom. Unfortunately, I wasn't yet tall enough to open the gate and make my great escape.

I had to wait another two years before I was able to acquire the means of leaving home with all my possessions in tow.

On a hot July morning I finally made my escape. I was determined to seek my fame and fortune elsewhere.