Welcome to Stragapalooza 2010

Here you might find some useful (but, more probably useless) information concerning Stragapalooza 2010. There is some provisional information concerning arrivals and departures and some equally provisional information concerning the potential menus during the festival. You can also access the previous mailings about the festival.

A collection of photographs from Stragapalooza 2010 is now online. Enjoy.

The Royal Command Variety Show
Oh no! Some video clips of the Royal Command Variety Performance are now available. Unfortunately, there were some performances which escaped the video camera but those which were captured are here.

Check out our virtual arrivals and departures board. See who is going to be in camp when you arrive. With this information you can re-arrange your travel itinery to spend as little time as possible in camp.

Ice Cream
Have a look at the provisional menus for Stragapalooza. Work out which Chef de Cuisine you definitely do not want to work for and, perhaps more importantly, which evening(s) to have pizza delivered.

Snake Warning
Snakes, to be specific, Timber Rattlesnakes or crotalus horridus, have been spotted in the vicinity of the Stragapalooza Camp Site on more than one occasion this year. While the resident Game Warden has dispatched two so far this season, campers are requested to be aware of the potential hazard.

Care to make a suggestion for this year's festivities? You can do so here. Fill in the form, click to submit and rest assured that your comments will be filed away in cyberspace never to be seen again.

The Ritz
Lost that initial information about the festivities? Unfortunately, you can find it here.

Accommodation update along with details of the Royal Command Variety Performance.

Chance Card

Four weeks to go! Along with a request for dietary requirements, a possible expedition to an exhibition and a free "Get Out of Twigging" card

Don't forget to bring your card to the festival - anyone without a "Get Out of Twigging" card will be responsible for twigging the bulk of the Adirondacks.

Huletts Map
For anyone who is unsure, some destructions on how to find The Ritz. Good luck!

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