2001: A Stragoddity


Nick and Lucy making stepping stones

Adam making stepping stones

Making stepping stones

Making more stepping stones

Choosing glass

Carol making stepping stones

Making still more stepping stones

Lots of stepping stones

Smooching in the kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen


Ben and Pen

The Board

Sarah, Randy and Sallie

Playing Cranium

2001 A Stragoddity

More beer

A shifty character

Dinner for 31

Steph, Hope, Amanda and Sallie

Lucy working hard

The boy with the stolen name

Late night party goers

Karl, Jason and Rod

Late night party goers again

Steph (again)

The cake

Pam and Sandy

Dinner on the Porch

Robert and Emily

Susie, Pen and Emily

Karin, Zach and Karl

David and Amanda

The big table

The grown ups

The young ones

The birthday boy

He had the rock

Who's Who

Constructing the jig saw

The bullet people


More bullet people

Grandma and Grandpa

The Grandchildren

The grandsons

The Granddaughters

All the girls (and Grandpa)

All the boys (and Grandma)

All the Stragnells

The Toupee brothers

Stragoddity Portrait



Susie and Amanda

The Sauna

Emily and Amanda

David and Greggie

Jumping off the boathouse

Dinner at the Peter Pan

More dinner at the Peter Pan

Still more dinner at the Peter Pan

View from the Peter Pan

From the Mansion

The Party Barge

The Mansion

The Mansion and the Peter Pan

Grandma on the Party Barge

Emily on the Party Barge

Greggie on the Party Barge

Nick on the boat

The little retreat

The Party Barge and the Eye of the Needle

The Mansion, Boathouse and Library

The Boathouse

From the Mansion again

The Peter Pan

Panaroma from the Dock

Monday morning waffles

The Syrup Taster

Grandma waiting for waffles

Tasty or what?

Grandpa on the barge

Satisfied Customers

How many people were there?

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