San Juan Capistrano Beach

After visiting the Shonnard's in Fresno we continued our mooching by visiting Miles and Muriel. Not only did we invite ourselves to use their beach house at San Juan Capistrano/Doheny Beach, but we also invited half a dozen others to join us as well. Susie, Emily and David flew down from Portland, and Sallie, Rod, Lisa and Karl drove up from Escondido for dinner. Just for good measure, Rick Robertson and his two lovely daughters, Molly and Annie, decided to roll up as well. Oh, and Ben came too.
Having fun at Miles'! Surprisingly, this photograph took about ten minutes to take (and many false starts) mainly because none of us knew how to make the automatic timer gizmo work. Rick was convinced we would never manage it.

(By the way, it seems that Rick could snore for his country.)

Miles' beach house is fabulous. Or, at least it will be when the builders have finished. Since the entire ground floor is currently undergoing "renovation", we spent a good deal of time outside where, fortunately, the weather was wonderful.

Soaking up the sunshine!
All in all we spent the better part of three days imposing on the Rosedale's hospitality which was, as always, superb. Miles took us to Old Pasadena and to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the Magic Castle has a dress code and since we were on holiday we did not have suitable attire. Never mind. Miles and Muriel brought their entire wardrobe with them so that we could all do a quick change in the car park.

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