There was, one has to confess, a very strong temptation this year to simply reprint last year's Christmas greeting very little has changed in the Stragnell household and, being the tediously boring individuals we have become (or perhaps have always been), we've done almost nothing of note this year to justify inflicting any kind of exposition on an innocent and unsuspecting audience. Still, Pen has addressed a huge stack of Christmas cards and tells me they will feel distinctly under-dressed if we don't include a note of some description so .

As has become an irritatingly annoying bad habit, the Easter break saw us in Southern California once again visiting with our Ben and Donna and the Rosedale's in Southern California and then on to Prescott, Arizona to spend a week or so with Greg's folks. The immigration officers at LAX are so used to us passing through each Easter that they now recognise us and thankfully expedite our passage through customs (although we do miss the added excitement of the strip search).
Miles and Muriel were delighted to hear that Greg's sisters were unavailable to gate-crash the gathering this year and laid on a concert at a local dive as well as an intricate construction project which required that Greg utilise all the skills he had gained reading Tom Sawyer to ensure that everyone else did the work.
Back at home the fabulous summer ensured that Pen's dream of having a back fence finally became reality. After seven years of nagging, Greg finally agreed to help provided Pen did all the digging and other assorted hard labour. The result is a masterpiece of construction and engineering, as you can see.

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