And so, another year races past and, before we can catch our breath, it’s time to inflict another Christmas letter on an unsuspecting audience. This year has seen its share of highs and lows and while we are grateful for the highs, we could perhaps do without the lows.

April saw us travelling to New England once again to visit the usual suspects: Greg’s folks, brothers, sisters, friends, nieces, nephews, in-laws and out-laws. The restaurant ramble was reduced to a minimum this year, partly due to a world-wide shortage of elasticated trousers for Greg. There was still, however, an opportunity to visit Hemingway’s in Killington, Vermont to celebrate Greg’s folks’ 60th wedding anniversary as well as the opportunity to spend a few days in the glorious beauty of Lake George.

Happy Anniversary!

Hope and Penny enjoying themselves
Greg & Dad

Soon after our return from the States, Greg decided he needed a few weeks off work. After meandering through the NHS treadmill for several years, he finally reached the front of the queue for some surgery which was intended to address the degeneration of a couple of disks in his neck. Fortunately, the surgery was successful in so far as his head remains attached to the rest of his body; unfortunately, the pain and discomfort has not been eliminated and it seems that there may be more work to do. Penny continues to take great delight in pronouncing him a “pain in the neck” whenever the opportunity arises.

Greg, Penny and Jo punting on the River Cherwell

The last few days of his convalescence coincided with the very welcome visit of one of Greg’s high school classmates, Rick Robertson, with his beautiful wife, Jo and their magnificent seven year old, Will. (You see, someone reads the plaintive pleas in each year’s Christmas letter to come and visit). Fortunately, their visit also coincided with the two good days of weather we had this summer and it was a delight and pleasure to share some of our favourite places and activities with them.

Rick, Jo and Will

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