So sorry for the hurried nature of this year’s greetings – our early warning system let us down this year. The first Christmas cards of the season from Penny’s Australian relatives did not arrive until 3 November leaving us a mere seven weeks to get ready.

It’s been a wonderfully busy and exciting year – some great trips, a handful of weddings and a generally relaxed [What??!!! P.] and thoroughly enjoyable time.

Anniversary DessertAt Easter Greg made his annual pilgrimage to the States to visit his folks and whichever brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews are sufficiently foolish enough to stick around during these visits. The usual supply of elasticated trousers was required and amongst the many highlights was nephew Rob’s senior recital in Hartford as well as the traditional feast at Hemingway’s in Killington, Vermont in celebration of Greg’s folks’ wedding anniversary.

Back in the UK and some serious decisions needed to be taken. Penny and her business partner Sally decided that after fifteen years of producing playchutes they would gradually wind the business down and cease trading once they managed to shift their back stock. Who would have imagined that the crazy idea they had all those years ago would actually have managed to keep them both out of mischief for such a long time?

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