Happy Christmas

Greg and PennySome sad news to relate – Penny has become a Facebook junkie. She discovered that her convent school in Kenya had a Facebook group and it’s been downhill ever since. Every morning she’s on the computer exchanging memories with “the girls” about cane rats in the kitchens, stale bread for breakfast, cornflakes mixed with marmalade, grated cheese, chopped bananas and drinking chocolate and the occasional consumption of very nutritious flying insects. Not surprisingly, I am a bit worried about the potential impact on my dinners.

Following a bit of nagging lower back pain, Greg decided to investigate the potential recuperative powers of Yoga. He has made considerable progress and is even regularly complimented on his Savasana by the instructor. For the uninitiated, this position is known as “The Corpse” and involves reclining on one’s back, closing one’s eyes and resting peacefully. Regrettably, members of the class have had the audacity to complain about the occasional snoring.


LucyDonnaThe boys and their decidedly better halves are well, as far as we know. Ben and Donna are still in Southern California programming and writing respectively. They spent a happy six months living in a one-bedroom apartment while their house was renovated following a leak.

Nick and Lucy are still designing media stuff and keeping the oil flowing; they’ve moved from one side of Leamington to another and are both very busy. The change of government means a whole new group of ministers and underlings whom Lucy has to charm.

Adam and TangAdam and Tang are still in Changsha in the People’s Republic and we had the news that Adam had been awarded a citation from the Hunan Provincial People’s Government for his contribution to friendship and the economic and social development of the province through his work at the school. Imagine how proud we are of our very own running dog.

A bit more Christmas cheer . . .

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