Jane Benson's Wedding in Cognac

Greg and Penny recently had the pleasure and privilege of joining former Radway residents Pam and Erik Benson in the celebrations associated with their daughter Jane's wedding. Pam and Erik now live near Cognac in France and so Greg and Penny were forced to drag their tired backsides all the way across the Channel to participate in the festivities.

Cognac is a lovely little town and this is the gate to the Chateau and the town. The Chateau is now a cognac distillery which, much to our reluctance, we somehow felt compelled to have a look around.
Fortunately, there was no shortage of cognac and although we could not quite consume the quantity stored in each of the barrels, we did manage a little tipple and, of course, felt obliged to bring some away with us.
The old part of the town, where we stayed, was absolutely delightful with narrow cobbled streets fortunately devoid of most traffic.
Another narrow little alley way in the heart of the old town - either very friendly neighbours or a novel way of overcoming a housing shortage.
Our hotel, the Heritage Hotel, in the heart of the old town, was very pleasant and comfortable. Each room apparently was decorated on a different theme. How they knew that the French Tart's Boudoir was perfectly suited to us I do not know.

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