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I cannot believe that you have actually chosen to come to this page. You must be a glutton for punishment. Still, if you insist, the archives can be reached by clicking the thumbnail(s) below!

St Ives
Penny and Greg spent a few days in St Ives with our very dear friends Sue & Stuart and Dave & Sue. We absorbed lots of culture, enjoyed some magnificent sights, walked a bit and ate a lot – what more could anyone want from a short holiday break?

Annabelle, Jessie and Max
Ben, Brex-Anna and Max came for a visit and we all had a magnificent time. Lots of outings and a grand family dinner – all our boys and their lovely wives and all our grandchildren together in the same place at the same time! Priceless.

#1 Wood End
During the months of August & September Adam and Greg toiled away building a playhouse for the grandchildren. The finished product has become known as #1 Wood End.

Ben & Brex-Anna's Wedding
Ben and Brex-Anna were married in early November at the South Coast Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes. It was a lovely day and a wonderful wedding.

After nearly two weeks in Yangshuo, we all headed off to Sanya at the south end of Hainan Island for a week at a delightful (and luxurious) seaside resort.

Yangshuo 2017
In October 2017 we went out to the People's Republic of China (again) to see Adam, Ava and the delightful Jessica. As always, Yangshuo was marvellously wacky!

New Hampshire and Maine - May 2016 In May we were able to get away for a few days meandering up the coast from New Hampshire to Maine. Some very beautiful sights.

Naples - October 2016 Fresh back from China and it was time to go off again - this time to Naples. We enjoyed some absolutely wonderful sights and sounds.

China 2016 In September 2016 we had to drag our sorry backsides all the way back to China to help celebrate our newest granddaughter's 100 Day Birthday. As always, we had a fantastic time. Once again, you can find the least bad photos here.

New Orleans In the Spring of 2016 Greg & Penny had a wonderful tour of the southern United States - Atlanta, Memphis, Nachez, & New Orleans. The least bad photos are here.

China 2015 Adam and Ava had a number of wedding celebrations in October 2015. So, we enjoyed a fabulous ten days or so in China. You can see least bad photos here.

Wedding celebrations in Byfield Adam and Ava got married in China in March so we had an impromptu celebration for them – a gathering of friends and family on a lovely summer afternoon.

A family picnic at Radway During Adam and Ava's visit in the summer we had a lovely family picnic at Radway/Edgehill.

Bluebells 2015 We visited the bluebells at Everdon Stubbs in early May. You can see the least bad photos here.

Holiday Greetings 2014

Penny and Greg's Holiday Greetings are available to avoid online. If your copy did not arrive in the post or via e-mail, consider yourselves blessed. If you must, please feel free to access a copy here. Parental discretion is advised.


Penny and Greg explored the local bluebell woods at Badby the other day. Although they weren't quite at their best, the display was still impressive nevertheless. You can find the least bad photos of the outing here.

We then joined Nick, Lucy and Annabelle a few days later for a stroll through the bluebell woods at Everdon Stubbs where the display was considerably better. You can catch the least bad photos from that outing here.

XCstravaganza 2013 Penny and Greg had a fabulous time in upstate New York helping to celebrate XCstravaganza 2013, held to mark Greg's dad's 90th birthday. The weather was glorious and the company was tolerable. You can see the least bad photos here.

Summer Sunshine - June & July 2013 The sun has shone for a few days and we’ve taken advantage to enjoy a few outings. You can see some of the least bad photos from a number of recent occasions when we’ve been able to enjoy the sunshine here.

Barcelona - April 2013 We had a great time in Barcelona thanks to Nick, Lucy and Annabelle. You can find the usual batch of least bad photos here.

Annabelle's Hats - March 2013 We had a wonderful Mothering Sunday – Nick, Lucy and Annabelle came for lunch and Annabelle put on a fashion show of her latest and most elegant hats. You can see the rest of the fashion shoot here.

Happy Christmas 2012 If you insist, you can access a copy of the Stragnell Christmas Greetings 2012 here. Proceed at your own risk!

Devon - Sept 2013 Nick and Lucy kindly (madly?) invited us to spend a week with them in a lovely cottage in Devon which was wonderful. You can catch a glimpse of some of the least bad photos here.

Happy Birthday Penelope celebrated a "significant" birthday recently. Her request for a low-key affair was contemptuously disregarded and she was subjected to a "surprise" gathering of a multitude of family, friends and acquaintances. You can see the least bad photos of the event here and/or you can read an account and see a slideshow of Penelope through the ages here.

Happy Christmas
If your copy of the annual Stragnell Christmas Greetings 2011 has not yet arrived (either because of postal delays or because we struck you off the list this year) you can find a virtual copy here. The virtual copy has a few additional photos and a video/slideshow as (allegedly) "value-added" content. Enjoy!

San Gimagnani

In celebration of Greg's 60th birthday, family and friends gathered in Tuscany for a wonderfully enjoyable two week break. You can find the least bad photos here.


Lake George 2011 Greg had the opportunity of spending a couple of days at Lake George in May 2011 when the lake was at its best.

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas greetings from the Stragnells! Enjoy the season!

Winter Photos We've had some pretty cold weather in the UK recently. Fortunately, Byfield missed most of the snow but still enjoyed some Arctic conditions. You can find a slideshow of a few wintry photos here.
Surlej Penny and Greg had a marvellous week in Surlej, just a few miles southwest of St Moritz in the Engadin in Switzerland. Enjoy (?) a moderately boring to dreadfully tedious account of each day's activity and/or have a look at a gallery of the least bad photos.

Bluebells 2010
Penny, Greg and Molly trekked off to Everdon Stubbs to inspect the bluebells. The weather was tolerable and the display was pretty decent. Enjoy the least bad photos here.

Christmas 2009
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. We've cut right back on our Christmas newsletter circulation so, if you've nothing better to do you can find this year's greetings here.

Lucy and Nick Nick and Lucy got married on the one nice day we had in the UK during the summer of 2009. Work your way through some of the least bad photos here. You can find a few additional photographs and a description of the day here.

Bluebells in Badby Woods Nick and Lucy joined us on the annual outing to the bluebell woods at Badby. The exhibition was fine; the picnic was even better. Join us!

Another year? Another collection of Christmas compliments inflicted on an unsuspecting audience. Your card hasn't arrived this year? Unfortunately, you can find it here.

The Oxford Canal Greg, Penny and Molly took a stroll down the Oxford Canal near Cropredy on a gloriously sunny day. You can see a couple of photos here.

Prague Greg, Penny, Ben and Donna had a wonderful week in the fabulous city of Prague at the beginning of August. Enjoy some of the least bad photographs here.

Sandy's Art Sandy had a fantastic display of his art work at Kendal in Hanover. The exhibition is now closed but you can still see many of the pieces online exclusively here.

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Yes! Penny & Greg's Christmas greeting is winging its way to you as we speak. Of course, the list has been pruned ruthlessly this year so if yours doesn't arrive, you can find this year's yuletide fiction here.

Penny and Greg had the opportunity to spend a few fantastic days in Caux, France enjoying the splendid hospitality of Joe Jefferies and Amandine Bories. You can browse through some of the least bad photos here.

Sanford & Father Unlimited has been in existence for thirty years. The clan gathered to celebrate the achievement and you can join the fun here.

STOP PRESS! Ms Playchute's Playchute, produced for the 100th anniversary of the Scouting Movement, was recently spotted on the BBC news and website.

The Bluebells were out in Badby Woods - have a look at this year's photos.

Greg and Penny recently had the dreadful misfortune of having to participate in the Great Restaurant Ramble around New England. As well as annoying Emily in Middletown and Rob in Hartford, they were also forced to eat at every five star restaurant in New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York and Vermont. You can see the photographic evidence yourself here or you can read about the various excursions here.

Penny and Greg's Christmas greetings are late (again) this year. If yours hasn't arrived by Christmas morning, we posted them in plenty of time, promise. It must be delayed in the post. If yours still hasn't arrived by Easter, however, it may be because we have pruned our list to the bare minimum this year. If you want, you can see this year's greetings here.

Penny and Greg recently had an opportunity to spend a week in Andalusia. Enjoy some of the highlights in one of two distinctive formats.

Penny and Greg have endured a multitude of long-term visitors this summer - sisters, nieces, sons (with and without partners), several of whom are still here! So, to escape they took themselves off for a few days in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Enjoy a few photos plus a special bonus feature - baby swallows perching on Penelope's pergola.

Ms Playchute has collected a number of Chinese lanterns. When her boys visited she persuaded them to construct an elaborate lighting system to display them at their best. You can see the results here.

In September 1986, the Oxfordshire Computer Education Unit came into existence with a permanent staff of six in addition to the Adviser for IT. Twenty years and many advisory teachers, consultants and administrative staff later, Greg decided it was a reasonable excuse for a party. Join the fun.

Ms Playchute spent the past week laying paving slabs, pressure washing the patio, house, garden wall and most of the rest of Byfield and then spent a happy weekend re-pointing the patio. Take a break and watch her work here!

A few photos of the bluebells in Badby Woods as well as a couple of the Wisteria and Nick's photos of the Oil Seed Rape should brighten up your day.

Greg recently returned from the Remarkable Restaurant Ramble around New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. As usual, all the food has been eaten but you can enjoy some pictures here.

Yes, it's that time of year again. If you haven't yet received our Christmas greetings it must be because this time we really have struck you off the mailing list - lucky you! Still, if you are feeling sufficiently courageous you can find the newsletter here.

Most of the Stragnell clan gathered at Lake George to help celebrate Grandma's 80th birthday. You can enjoy some of Libby's Love-In here. On the other hand, if you just want to see that menu again, click here.

Greg and Penny spent a week in the Dordogne and Lot in France pedaling their little socks off with Joe Jefferies and French Cycling Holidays. Although I am afraid to say that all the fois gras has been consumed and there is not a drop of Cahors left, you can meet some of our companions and enjoy some of the sights here.

Greg and Pen recently had the fabulous pleasure of visiting Cognac in France for the occasion of Jane Benson's wedding. The town of Cognac was lovely and Pam and Erik laid on a fantastically magnificent celebration. Enjoy the festivities.

Penelope Playchute recently celebrated another birthday. An expedition to Acorn Antiques, two days' power shopping with friends and a birthday barbeque were just about as much as this country girl could cope with. Enjoy the festivities (although don't expect to get any birthday cake).

The Spring break has brought some progress on Penelope's new patio and raised vegetable garden. You can see some photos here.

Many members of the Webb School Class of '69 recently had the dubious pleasure of celebrating their 35th reunion. Unfortunately, photographic evidence of the gathering has been compiled and you can see if you were really there by clicking here.

Greg and Penny had the great pleasure of spending some time at Stragnanza in Hanover and enjoying the fall foliage as well as an early Thanksgiving feast. Enjoy some of the photographs here.

Enjoy some of the photographs from China and Vietnam or, if you feel up to it, you can download the whole of Penelope's Travelogue!

Yes, it's that time of year again. If you haven't yet received our Christmas greetings for 2004 it must be because this time we really have struck you off the mailing list - lucky you! Still, if you are feeling sufficiently courageous you can find the newsletter here.

Special Bonus Feature! Our sensational swallows leave the nest.

Sallie and Rod came to visit for a few days. Fortunately, we were out of town most of the time they were here but we did have to provide some entertainment. Join the festivities.

We visited London recently for a bit of business and pleasure and spent the afternoon at Somerset House and the Courtauld Gallery. Enjoy the fountain and a couple of masterpieces from the Courtauld as well as some Edward Hopper's from the exhibition at the Tate Modern.

Penelope's garden is looking lovely, particularly the area in front of Penelope's Back Fence which was recently planted. Have a little wander.

Although the weather wasn't fantastic, the oilseed rape was in full, glorious bloom the other day and the fields were positively crying out to be photographed. See for yourself.

By popular request - a selection of photographs of the bluebells in Badby Woods plus a few other extraneous photos.

Easter? Must be time for another vacation in southern California and Arizona. Enjoy the highlights here.

Britain was held in the icy grip of winter the other day. The weather forecasters predicted Arctic conditions, snow drifts the size of Mt Everest, stranded motorists and helicopters being required to drop food parcels to isolated villages up and down the country. See for yourself!

The fact that you have not yet received your Christmas newsletter for 2003 could be an indication that we have indeed left you off the mailing list. Still, if you must, you can read the full production here.

On the weekend of 25 October, Greg and Penny were able to join Ossory Butler's Magical Mystery Tour to Ireland in search of his ancestral roots. Join the tour here.

Bob's Big Birthday Bash was a huge success. Join in the fun and festivities here.

After a wait of nearly seven years and much pestering, Penelope's Back Fence finally becomes reality. Have a look and join the party to commemorate its long-awaited arrival.

This week's photos - well, not so much photos as such but a couple of Penelope Playchute's birthday cards.

Greg and Penny enjoy yet another wonderful vacation in Southern California and Arizona. Join the festivities!

A meandering stroll through Badby Woods on Bluebell Sunday. Enjoy.

Nick and Lucy kindly invited Penny and Greg to Nick's 28th birthday celebration. Join the fun here!

Yes, it's true. We left you off our Christmas list once again. But, you can read Greg and Penny's tediously dull Christmas newsletter for 2002 here.

Greg and Penny were invited to a Murder Mystery party the other evening. So, clutching their personal favourite murder implement, they joined the other usual suspects at a very sophisticated Hollywood gathering. See if you can guess the identity of the murderer!

Greg & Penny spent two weeks at beautiful Lake George. They climbed to the top of Black Mountain, entertained some British guests and lay in the sun in a particularly relaxed frame of mind. Join the fun.

After 18 months' delay due to foot and mouth disease and bad weather, Greg and Penny finally take off on their balloon flight. Drift over the Devon countryside in a virtual hot air balloon.

Although she still doesn't look a day over twenty-five, Penelope Playchute had her fiftieth birthday celebration the other day. Unfortunately, her desire for a quiet dinner at one of the neighbourhood's more exclusive establishments was spoiled by the first of her fifty fabulous fun-filled surprises. (Not to mention, the Butler Family Barbecue).

Thanks to Chuck and Barbara for some wonderful photographs of the much forgotten Dolly the Donkey.

On a blistering warm day in July, Les and Christine Hall entertained numerous guests at their Oxfordshire country estate. Join the fun.

Mickey Novak and Larry Ashton and their delightful wives Jody and Alicia called in for the day. Greg had no idea who they were but the entire Butler clan came along as well and shared many happy reminiscences.

A couple of glorious days brings out the best. A stroll through the bluebells at Badby, flowering wisteria and a couple of other springtime snapshots.

Greg and Penny enjoy yet another thoroughly undeserved vacation in Playa del Rey, San Juan Capistrano, Prescott and Phoenix including dinner with a plethora of cousins.

Christmas 2001 - Somehow we survived. Have a glance at the photo of the Christmas Guests, drool over Ms Playchute's Christmas Menu and enter the Christmas Caption Competition.

As soon as Penny heard that Steve and Soozie Arnold were coming to town, she booked her holiday on the Trans Canada Railway. Greg tried to avoid making contact but they simply would not take "No" for an answer.

Last year we had some lovely photographs of some of the flowers in Ms Playchute's garden courtesy of Sarah. This year the garden is equally lovely but the photographs aren't nearly as professional.

Greg and Penny's visit to Brighton and Ms Playchute's obvious distraction encourages Greg to go for an unbelievable makeover. See the results for yourself and see if you can spot the joins.

Glorious weather brings out the best in Britain. The weather was so fine the other day that we couldn't resist taking a few photographs.

Greg finally receives permission from Ms Playchute to erect a television satellite dish although the reception is not all that great.

When we heard they were coming we took the phone off the hook but John and Nancy Dey found us nevertheless. We pleaded prior engagements, an infectious disease and even pretended to have never heard of them before, all to no avail.

Slow as she is to get her photos developed, Sarah's pictures of last summer's expedition to Byfield show that (a) the weather can be reasonably fine; (b) Ms Playchute is working wonders and (c) that Greg was present in spite of being able to remember almost nothing.

The party's over but you can still share the celebrations with Greg's virtual birthday bash.

Susie, Sarah, Emily and David begin to regret their foolish decision to visit Greg and Penny. Share their misery and despair.

Enjoy Ben and Donna's virtual engagement party!

Pippa's third and final litter from Day One to eight weeks old (including, of course, the Angel Sent From Heaven).

Still searching for that perfect soulmate? Need to blow away those Millennium cobwebs? Join us on a quick jaunt round the 84 mile loop!

Share another year of wedded bliss with Greg & Penny's favourite anniversary card(s).

Ben, Donna, Pen & Greg and the Waltons punt up (and back down again) The Cherwell.

In celebration of (a) Ben and Donna's visit; (b) Nick's completion of his degree; and (c) Adam's 21st birthday, Pen organised another of her world famous Family & Friend's Barbecue Feast. Join the fun!

Penelope's Poppies as well as a quick view of the new gates! The excitement is positively underwhelming.

Greg and Penny manage to secure an invitation to the west coast of Ireland for the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend.

Round up the usual suspects for a Murder Mystery!

We finally discover why our sons are so reluctant to visit.

Greg and Penny celebrate another year of wedded bliss with a kiss.

Greg, Penny, Rose and Pippa go mad in Pembrokshire!

Remember Penelope's Quagmire and Duckboard Boulevard?

Were they ever this small? Pippa's puppies from one day to eight weeks.

Witness the aftermath of the Glastonbury Festival for yourself. Will Sue's knees ever be clean again?

Penelope Rose visits Rosemoor and the Famous Three Go To Glastonbury!

Or possibly the "real" photographs from Amsterdam?

And how about the "postcards" from Amsterdam?

Remember Pen's 20 cubic metres of mushroom compost?

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