Swallows on Penelope's Pergola

We had a splendid opportunity the other day when five baby swallows came and camped on the pergola just outside the kitchen window. While these photos won't win any photography awards, the youngsters and their tireless parents were a joy to watch. Mum and dad scurried about over the field to the south gathering food for the youngsters who squawked and flapped their wings about whenever the parents came near. They were on the pergola for about an hour before fluttering off somewhere else.

A couple of fluff balls perched on Penelope's pergola.

This guy decided a somewhat isolated position towards the end of the pergola was prime feeding territory.

This chap was intrigued to watch a white cabbage butterfly flutter overhead.

Some grub arriving - he who squawks loudest gets fed first!

Mum and dad both arriving with some lunch for the greedy.

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