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Penny and Greg's Easter Vacation - 2003

Once again, Penny and Greg visited family and friends in Southern California and Arizona during the Easter break. For Penny and Greg, this is always a treat; for those who have to put up with their visits year after year after year this is becoming excessively tedious.
As is usual, Penny and Greg landed in Los Angeles and made their way to Gate 17B, also known as Ben and Donna's. Ben in particular always looks forward to sleeping on the floor when his parents are in town! On Friday they took a delicate stroll through the foothills of Will Rogers State Park.
And then, on Friday evening, down to San Juan Capistrano to visit with Miles and Muriel Rosedale.
As we know, Miles is an inveterate fire tender but it's clear that practice makes perfect - his fires are works of art.

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