The Great Restaurant Ramble 2007

Greg and Penny recently had the dreadful misfortune of having to participate in the Great Restaurant Ramble around New England. As well as annoying Emily in Middletown and Rob in Hartford, they were also forced to eat at every five star restaurant in New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York and Vermont. Follow their adventures below or cut straight to the chase and go directly to the photographic evidence.

Day One of the Great Restaurant Ramble saw Greg, Penny, Grandma and Grandpa visiting Emily in Middletown. Does Emily really live at number 64 Fountain Avenue?

Day Two took our heroes to Mystic, Connecticut to the Mystic Seaport Museum and then to Norwalk, Connecticut to visit with one of Grandpa's old school friends, Seward Slagle, his daughter Leigh and their delightful yellow lab, Molly.

Hartford, Connecticut was the next stop on the tour and resulted in a most informative visit to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford as well as a visit with Rob's Hair.

Following a misguided detour to the church in which Greg and Penny were married, the expedition made its way to Huletts Landing, New York via the Fair Haven Inn.

The tour's final day took the party from Huletts back to Hanover, New Hampshire and Stragnanza East via an early anniversary celebration at Hemingway's in Killington, Vermont.

Enough of this daily grind - here are the best (or the least bad) photos of the expedition.

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