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Greg recently returned from the Remarkable Restaurant Ramble around New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. Accompanied by the fearless Robert and Elizabeth and occasionally joined by relative newcomers Steph, Hope, Sandy & Pam, they managed to eat their way through some magnificent menus prepared by New England's finest.

Amongst the finer establishments they were forced to endure were the Norwich Inn in Norwich and Hemingway's in Killington, Vermont and well as a multitude of magnificent lunchtime menus, sensational home cooking and wonderful waffles (with fresh maple syrup) at the Peter Pan. Whilst, regrettably, you cannot enjoy the food (and wine) you might enjoy some photographs of the visit.

While visiting Huletts Landing, Greg was fortunate enough to be introduced to the new postmaster comfortably established in the newly renovated Huletts Landing Post Office.

The visit to the Lake was undertaken with the leaves still off the trees which renders an entirely new perspective on the scenery. This is Bunny's through the leafless trees from the top of Sandy's drive.

Sandy very kindly showed Greg and Dad around the Tall House at the end of the bluff. Here, Sandy and Dad are considerately commiserating with all the architectural errors which have been perpetrated.

In spite of the freezing cold weather (or perhaps because of the freezing cold weather), Sandy was keen to go trawling for lake salmon. Unfortunately, the fish weren't biting but the scenery, as always, was stunning.

Regrettably, we were all invited down to the Peter Pan for waffles on Sunday morning. Bunny joined us and Sandy produced a vat of this year's maple syrup.

And finally, while they seem to have escaped having their photographs taken, thanks are due to Steph and Hope for their magnificent hospitality and to Greg (the younger) for vacating his bed. This, at sunset from their deck.

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