20 Years of ICT Support in Oxfordshire
Reunion BBQ

In September 1986 the Oxfordshire Computer Education Unit opened at Wheatley in Oxfordshire with a permanent staff of six plus the Adviser for ICT. Twenty years later and many advisory teachers and consultants later we gathered as many as could not avoid detection for a BBQ in Byfield. The photos would seem to suggest that some have aged hardly at all while others (notably Greg) have deteriorated rapidly.

Vivien very kindly provided a raft of photographs from "the good old days". This one we "think" is at the official opening in November 1986 - pity that both Dave and Greg have such poor taste in ties.

The ones below are from Dave Walton's "retirement" celebration (well, at least we were celebrating) at the Cherwell Boathouse.

Now, have a look at the photographs from the reunion barbeque and judge for yourself who has deteriorated most!

Photos from the Reunion

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