Ms Playchute at Work

Having completed the laying of the new patio, Ms Playchute decided to pressure wash the old patio slabs, the garden wall and the house. Molly and Greg only escaped similar attention by hiding indoors all day.

As you can see, pressure spraying everything in Byfield was a fairly mucky task, one which she persevered with nevertheless.

But, in spite of the mess, she is still as gorgeous as ever!

After pressure washing the village, Ms Playchute got down to the serious business of re-pointing the slabs on the old patio and then, gradually, worked her way around to the new patio.

The new patio with the raised vegetable beds - the broad beans are looking good! Sally's clematis always puts on a good show.

As does ours in the front garden.

Some photos of the finished patio and raised beds

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