This Week's Photos - Penny's Back Fence

Penny has wanted a fence along the edge of the garden between the patio and the field to the south ever since she moved to Byfield. She has waited patiently for nearly seven years for Greg to finally start its construction. Greg was waiting for Penny to forget about it but finally, after many years of polite pestering, it was finally erected.
Penny couldn't wait to start digging the border in front of the new fence. The creosote was barely dry before she had tilled the soil to perfection.
Although he tried his best to dissuade her from such an elaborate plan (well, basically any plan which involved digging post holes through the ironstone) Greg finally agreed to help in the erection of the new fence. Although he deserves little, if any, credit, he did insist on having his photo taken in front of the new construction.

The Grand Fence Christening Barbecue

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