Penelope Playchute's Birthday - 2005

Penelope Playchute celebrated another glorious birthday at the end of May. While this year's merriment could not begin to compare with the Fifty Fabulous Fun Filled Festivities of a few years ago, it was still a pretty fine evening nevertheless.

As usual, Ms Playchute's family and many friends worked all day to prepare the type of celebrations which she so richly deserves. Greg's barbeque this year was exceptional.

Pete donated some exceedingly fine aubergine in peanut sauce which was, admittedly, a somewhat unusual contribution to a barbeque - the sauce kept dripping through the grill threatening to extinguish the flames.

Lucy made sure that Nick came through with his contribution - Amy potatoes. She also watched him like a hawk all evening to ensure he did not try to consume them all himself.

And, while he didn't sulk all night long, he was very disgruntled when, as always, the Amy potatoes disappeared in a heartbeat.

Some more birthday photos!

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