Our Sensational Swallows

As regular readers of the Befouled Weakly News will know, our garage roof space provides Five Star accommodation for some swallows which return year after year. This year only one nest was occupied and this photo shows the nest, right up in the apex of the roof space, with four babies; two have their heads poking out and two have decided to exhibit their backsides. This was taken about two days before they flew the nest for the first time and perhaps they are just so big that they have to take turns facing in and out.

Dinner Time!

This was taken again about two days before the babies fledged and shows the two babies facing outwards sitting up for the delivery of a meal from momma or poppa. The other two have either had enough for the time being or their turn is yet to come.

Two days after the photos above were taken, the babies left the nest for the first time. They carefully fly from beam to beam in the garage and then sit on one of the joists waiting for either more food or an individual flying lesson. Whenever you go into the garage they sit rigidly, convinced that if they don't move you won't be able to see them.

After about two days you can no longer catch them sitting on the joist - they have become such accomplished aviators that they are out and about being taught to fend for themselves. These two are still waiting for their flying lesson!

Once these four are fully certified pilots the parents will start the whole process again and raise another nest full! Goodness, it's hard work.

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