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Two days to nine days old. Just lying there!
Mealtime, Pippa guarding her babies from possible dog-nappers and eyes wide open at eleven days.
Two weeks - just walking. How about a bit of rough and tumble?
Granny and Mama need a bit of attention too, you know.
Three weeks - more romping and frolicking but how long will it be before they make the great escape?
Not quite five weeks old and time for a bit more adventure - how about venturing into the great outdoors? It seems pretty scary to me!
Still, once you step foot outside it soon becomes clear that there are lots of tasty things to chew and otherwise destroy.
Looks of frustration as Greg ensures Penelope's Plants (edible or otherwise) are secure behind fortified barricades.
Just a few more days before they leave home. A photograph of Daddy, brother Art the Guide Dog, a couple of visitors and having fun on the front lawn.
Off they go! Shed a tear and join in the goodbyes or enjoy the delights of being the only puppy in the house.
Athough they are out of sequence, a couple of final puppy photos along with a shot of the Bluebell woods and Rosie's latest party piece.

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