The Week of 27 July 1998

Occasionally, we shall be adding photographs to this page. They may or may not be of any interest to anyone and if you find yourself looking at them, you've only yourself to blame.

A Rose by any other name....

A few weeks ago we visited the Royal Horticultural Society Garden at Rosemoor in North Devon. Although the weather was somewhat grim, at least we didn't get rained upon and the garden was beautiful.

Unfortunately, outings such as this merely serve to provide Penelope with ideas and projects too numerous to contemplate. What I have been confidently predicting would be a ten year project to get our garden in order is rapidly becoming a twenty or even fifty year project.

As well as having a fabulous horticultural display, the gardens also had a range of sculptures. This one reminded us of something which Sandy might well consider. It is a water fountain (duh!) in the shape of leaves.

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