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During their visit with us, Ben and Donna spent a few moments on their own. On one such occasion, Ben insisted that Donna accompany him on the strenuous and invigorating climb to the top of Edgehill whereupon he proposed. See what happens when you let your children out of your sight for a few seconds! The resulting engagement celebration was most enjoyable in spite of being organised in less than 14 minutes. Enjoy the party!

Regrettably, we have no photographic evidence of the moment of truth. Still, Ben and Donna did meander around the reservoir with us on a couple of occasions.
Invitations to the engagement party were highly sought after and everyone who was anyone attended. Here, our Nick awaits the punch line of Liz's story about the Pope and the shopping trolley.
And  Donna tells Nina from next door that there is no way she is going to be ironing Ben's underpants!

A few more party photos....

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