The week of 8 June 1998

Occasionally, we shall be adding photographs to this page. They may or may not be of any interest to anyone and if you find yourself looking at them, you've only yourself to blame.

20 cubic meters of mushroom compost! Many of you will know that Pen ordered 20 cubic meters of mushroom compost which was delivered while we were in California. The plan was that Nick and Adam would shift it. Like so many plans, however, it had a flaw - the weather was miserable and so much of the pile is still where it was originally dumped.

Some of the mushroom compost has been deposited on the back garden in an attempt to help transform the rock hard clay into something more closely related to soil. Some of it has also been deposited on the front garden where, this year, Pen is putting her vegetables. As you can see, Pen is busy hoeing up the potatoes although the rest of the vegetables have yet to put in much of an appearance. Pen hoeing up the potatoes

Freezer, washing machine and dryer all in a row While Pen has been busy cultivating her vegetables, I have been doing a bit of plumbing and other little jobs around the house. This photo shows the freezer, washing machine and tumble dryer in their new location next to the boiler. (If I don't keep myself busy doing little jobs like this, Pen will have me shifting mushroom compost which is certainly too much like hard work).

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