The Week of 4 October 1998

Unfortunately, the last roll of puppy photos is still not back from the developers. So, this week you will have to struggle through the quagmire again.

This photo doesn't really do it justice, but, this lorry/truck was huge! And it deposited enormous quantities of Mushroom Compost all over what used to pass as our driveway.
As you can see, Nick thoroughly enjoyed himself playing with the mini-digger, oblivious to the wanton destruction for which his actions were responsible. Nevermind, it was all carried out at the instructions of Penelope Playchute so that's all right then.
What used to pass for the driveway after Nick churned it up with the mini-digger. We can't get the cars any closer to the front door for fear that they will be bogged down in the mud forever. And, it's started to rain - what a prospect to look forward to for the winter!
And the back garden after Nick deposited the 20+ cubic metres of mushroom compost. Regrettably, this photograph doesn't really do justice to the apparent devastation. The back garden reminds me very much of conditions one might have found on the Somme.
Still, Pen had a great idea (as usual). Having destroyed what laughingly passes as our driveway by her insistence on importing copious quantities of mushroom compost, she came up with the great idea of using discarded pallets as a walkway to the front door. So, when next you visit feel free to perambulate down Duckboard Boulevard.

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