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Susie, Sarah, Emily and David arrived for a "vacation". Little did they know (or apparently, Emily had forgotten) that in fact what they were in store for was unmitigated work and drudgery.

Soon after her arrival, Susie was chained to the industrial sewing machine in the SeamStress Sweatshop. She managed to sew fourteen playchutes and thirty-seven bags in her first twenty-four hours at the wheel.
Eventually, Penny took pity and let her out of the sweatshop. Fortunately, there was plenty of weeding to complete. You will notice that Greg has no intention of assisting in any fashion.
Even on the rare occasions when Ms Playchute let the visitors out for the day, Greg was instructed to make them sweat. Here, they pause for breath at the top of Edge Hill. The misery got worse, of course, when they had to listen to Greg's tedious lecture on the Battle of Edge Hill.

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