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In a fit of madness, we decided to remove some of the more decaying dead wood and bring it all together in one handy section. Hopefully, anything you couldn't find previously will either be here or in the Archive of Weakly Photos.
A selection of photographs from 2001: A Stragoddity are now available for perusal and purchase on-line. Feel free to join in the virtual family reunion!

And here's where some of it began all those years ago. Visit 1940 Bay View Drive, Hermosa Beach, California.

An equally unimpressive collection of photographs from The Wedding of 2001. You're bound to get a chuckle out of the image of The Brits enjoying the southern California sunshine.

Greg & Penny's Easter Holiday Photographs
Suffer through Greg & Penny's 1998 Easter Holiday and visit Santa Monica, Atascadero, Monterey, Point Reyes, Napa and Sonoma, Sacramento, Fresno, San Juan Capistrano and the Golden Wedding Celebrations in Prescott, Arizona.

Visit beautiful Lake George. Enjoy some water sports and a tropical Winter Wonderland! All this plus Sandy's Ark.

Visit the SeamStress site to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Penelope's Play Parachutes. 

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