The Arnold's Come to Town
Steve and Soozie Arnold were in town recently and foolishly contacted us to see if we wanted to meet up with them. Penny immediately booked her holiday as far away as possible but Greg was left trying to think of an excuse. Alas, he wasn't able to put them off so he had to drag his sorry backside up to London.
Steve was so anxious for Greg to arrive that he spent most of the day peering out the window of his hotel. Greg tried to sneak by without being seen but Steve was as vigilant as ever.
So, Greg took them to Covent Garden hoping to lose them in the crush of tourists which always frequent this part of London on a sunny summer evening. As usual, there was a considerable amount of street theatre and Soozie even tried her hand at bungee-trampolining!

There's more. Do you think you can stand it?

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