This Week's Photo(s)

In spite of our best efforts to persuade them otherwise, John and Nancy Dey recently visited beautiful downtown Byfield. In addition, they insisted that Greg and Ms Playchute accompany them to town to join the 50th birthday celebrations of Miles Rosedale. Apologies for the quality of some of the following - not only is the subject matter of most of these photographs positively frightening, but John was using one of those disposable cameras that comes free with a packet of potato chips.

As you can see, Nancy couldn't quite believe that John made her travel all the way to Banbury so she insisted on photographic proof of her ordeal. Naturally, when they rang to be collected we pretended they had the wrong number.
They simply wouldn't take "no" for an answer so Greg raced to town to fetch them, Ms Playchute prepared a feast of epic proportions, we made them sprint around the village and Miss Miggins was delighted to pose for a photograph.

The expedition to the big city!

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