Prescott, Arizona
and the Golden Wedding Celebrations

Vulture Mine

On Saturday we joined the Allen Springs Expeditionary Force in an outing to the Vulture Mine, an abandoned gold mine near Wickenburg.

The Allen Springs Expeditionary Force are a wonderful group of people. They booked all the facilities so that we were able to enjoy a fantastic lunch in the old School House.

Lunch with the Allen Springs Expeditionary Force

Photo Opportunity Outside the school house we were able to pose for numerous photo opportunities. What with the eight of us and the Allen Springs Expeditionary Force, there were about 38 cameras all of which Bruce had to negotiate with to produce successful souvenir photos for everyone.

El Niño has brought significant quantities of rain to the desert recently. As a result, the wildflowers were out and the cactus were blooming. Flowering Cactus

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