Prescott, Arizona
and the Golden Wedding Celebrations

The Surprise

On the morning of Friday 17th April we piled into the Rent-a-Van and sat, white-knuckled, while Sallie drove from Phoenix to Prescott. We arrived and scared Mother half out of her wits and then proceeded to wait patiently for Dad to return from his lunchtime outing to the Rotary Club. As his car pulled into the driveway, Sandy positioned himself ready to catch him should he collapse from the shock of seeing all of us together again.
The moment of truth

To say he was somewhat surprised would be something of an understatement. He is not often at a loss for words but on this occasion he had to sit down quietly while we all overwhelmed him.

Steph kindly provided some 50th Wedding Anniversary hats and Sallie brought the Memory Book. Susie and Sarah probably brought presents as well - as usual, I can't remember. All I brought was myself which undoubtedly was a great disappointment to everyone.

Sandy's Frogs Sandy brought frogs he had made out of old spoons. The two larger frogs were made of tablespoons and the six smaller ones out of teaspoons.

Sandy is, as we all know, an incredibly talented fellow. If you don't believe me, check this out! If you are interested in his art, drop him an e-mail at Panda Base.

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